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As You Rest

6 week contract required for all package services. If packages are needed for less than 6 weeks, there is an additional charge of $50 added to the package cost. 

Mommy & Me

 $510 weekly

  • Nanny Service 4 hrs/3 times
  • Light housework three (3) times
  • Three (3) grocery shopping trips 
  • Pet care two (2) times
  • Meal prep for 5 days
  • Two (2) errands 
  • Two (2) prenatal yoga sessions 
  • Two (2) yoganidra sessions 

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Bed Life 

 $400 weekly

  • Nanny Service 3 hrs/2 times
  • Light housework two (2) times 
  • Two (2) grocery shopping trips
  • Pet care one (1) time 
  • Meal prep for 3 days
  • Two (2) errands 

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Mom-In It 

$300 weekly

  • Nanny Service 2hrs
  • Light housework one (1) time 
  • One (1) grocery shopping trip

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Please see FAQs for additional package details. 

A La Carte Services

Nanny Service-$25 hr

Housekeeping-$70 hr

Prenatal Yoga-$55 hr

Meal Prep-$20 per meal

Grocery Shopping-$35 per trip

Pet Care-$25 hr

Local Errands-$20 hr  

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