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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q-Is there a contract required for packaged services?

A-Yes, there is a minimum 6 week contract required for all package services. If packages are needed for less than 6 weeks, there is an additional charge of $50 added to the package cost. 

Q-How far will you travel for errands?

A-Errands are within a 5 mile radius of your home.

Q-Are the cost of groceries included in the package cost?

A-No, the cost of groceries are not included in the package price, only the service fee for completing the grocery trip. Cost of groceries are your responsibility.  When grocery trips are scheduled a preauthorization is placed on your card in the amount of $90. The authorization will be finalized upon the completion of the grocery shopping trip, to reflect the exact amount spent on groceries. 

Q-What is included in light housekeeping?

A-In the Mommy & Me package light housekeeping includes cleaning of 2 bathrooms max, kitchen, vacuuming, and dusting of living and dining area, cleaning of children rooms and/or play areas (maximum of 2 bedrooms). In the Bedlife & Mom-In It package light housekeeping includes cleaning of 2 bathrooms max, kitchen, vacuuming and dusting of living and dining area. Additional fees may apply if deep cleaning is determined to be necessary. 

Q-What does pet care include?

A-Pet care includes walking, feeding, and cleaning of pet area.

Q-How long are prenatal yoga sessions?

A-All prenatal yoga sessions are 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of yoganidra. 

Q-Do you provide the food for meal prep?

A-Meal prep is prepared with existing food in your home, or food purchased during a grocery trip.

Q-What meals are included in meal prep?

A-Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be included in meal prep with package options. 

Q-Are custom packages available?

A-Of course!  Reach out to us via chat or email and let us know exactly what services you would like to pair together and we will create a custom package just for you.